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Strategic Design.  Request Your Free Project Quotation.

With a dedication to client satisfaction, we design highly effective branding materials that support your marketing strategies.  With a blend of talent and extensive industry experience, Keystrokes delivers innovative design and printing solutions.  

Graphics Solutions

Keystrokes specializes in the graphic layout of many types of multimedia essentials.  We can help you develop your brand or reconstruct your original imagery into a compelling, persuasive tool to grow your business.

Keystrokes Service and Products

Printing Solutions

Keystrokes services combine both design layout and printing for your projects.  However, Keystrokes also provides printing solutions for the client with a previously completed design package.

Promotional Products Solutions

With your company branding, Keystrokes offers a wide selection of personalized incentives to demonstrate your appreciation for your clients.

  • Custom Greeting Cards (All Occasion, Thank You, Holidays and Weddings)
  • Pens, Calendars, Magnets, Sticky Notes, Notepads, Rubber Stamps, and much more.

Keystrokes also offers administrative support and project management solutions.

Who Can Benefit from My Services?  Entrepreneurs who own a progressive business who want to make smart choices.  Companies who want to have more time to concentrate on the aspects of the business they enjoy, as well as, companies who are unable to hire “full-time” employees for occasional projects needing a professional.

Why You Can Benefit from My Services?  Keystrokes services can save your business money.  You only pay by project on a contractual basis when needed.  There are no payroll expenses, no employee-related expenses including paid vacation time, benefits, bonuses, insurance, extra office space and equipment. 

Keystrokes will help you stay focused, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on building your business.  We offer a flexible schedule that is not limited to the usual 9-5 hours.  No supervision is required - you can depend on having your projects completed on time, every time.



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